About Us

SEO refers to the process of changing a website’s content and design to help rank it higher on search engines. By optimizing a site for the higher ranking position, it is possible to improve the visibility of it in the search results. By making your SEO better, you are working towards making it easier for every search engine to index the content published on your site. Indexing refers to the search engine process of gathering, parsing and storing data to be used by it.
Here we publish all things search engine optimization, with a focus on SEO for ecommerce. Without search engine optimization, an ecommerce website will find it difficult to drive traffic to that site. Of course, there are other ways to do it, but SEO is arguably the best way to get consistent and long-term outputs.
SEO is categorized into many different forms, including ‘white hat’ and ‘black hat’. Think of white hat SEO as the good version of this process, and ‘black hat’ as the bad one. For a simple explanation, the former form of SEO is the use of optimization methods that fully follow search engine guidelines. We discuss more on both forms of SEO in one of our posts published here. Visit us for more content about SEO.