How to Quickly Increase E-commerce Website Traffic and Sales

E-commerce business owners or marketers always seek ways to drive organic traffic and business to their online store. Some ecommerce sales channels prove to be lucrative and other channels do not; the truth is that you have to test your marketing strategy and refine it to find which ones are best suited for your business. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of four ways to help make your traffic and sales better.

Use Conversion Rate Optimization

In the event your brand is more evolved and it gets a minimum of 600 transactions per month, CRO might be the solution to your growth issues.

By collecting and analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data, you can find out why visitors navigate off of your website without converting.

With insights from User Experience research, qualitative and analytics data, you can tell design alterations to split testing on your store.

Leverage Search Engine Optimization

Backlinks are the most important elements in SEO, and your existing links provide your domain with a domain rank. This score out of possible 100 determines your website position on the Google search engine results pages for specific keywords as well as the amount of organic traffic you receive to your site.

To get these links and rank high in Google search, however, you have to cover beyond just backlink building.

Get More Traffic from both Google Search and Shopping Ads

After doing all the above, you need to use search engine marketing to get additional traffic. SEM is an excellent way to drive more traffic from the search engine search queries to your website.

With Google Ads, you can run search campaigns, display campaigns and shopping campaigns. You have to test which campaigns work for your business and optimize ad campaigns as well.

We suggest you run web retargeting advertisements, in addition to such paid traffic funnels with advertising platforms.

Use Email Marketing to Get More Sales

Repeat business is considered the key to a strong business. Email marketing is the best method to drive repeat purchasers. You have to send the following campaigns to maximize earnings from your existing and potential customers and boost customer lifetime value.

  • Browse abandonment – two series of emails
  • Abandoned cart – three email funnel
  • Welcome flow (generally a coupon code electronic mail, followed some introduction emails) – five email funnel
  • Recommended products – one email funnel
  • Winback (no purchase more than X days) – three series of emails
  • Product review requests – two series of emails
  • Frequent buyers or VIP – one email funnel

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