Crown Royal Peach Limited Edition

The Crown Royal is the world’s leading Canadian whiskey brand. It is also the top-selling Canadian whiskey brand in the United States. The brand was first introduced in 1939 to commemorate the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Canada.

Crown Royal Peach

The Crown Royal Peach is a limited edition Peach flavored whiskey from the number-one selling whiskey brand in Canada, the Crown Royal. The whiskey is made by blending the sweet, delicious flavor of Georgia peaches with the most famous smooth Crown Royal Whiskey. The resulting blend is a vibrantly delicious whiskey with the sweet juicy flavor of peaches.

This limited-edition drink offers the signature smoothness of Crown Royal along with the sweet, flavorful taste of Georgia peaches, vanilla, and a touch of cinnamon spice. The introduction of Crown Royal Peach Whiskey on the American market increased sales because there is a rapid rise in the demand for brown spirits.

Features Of Crown Royal Peach

The taste of Crown Royal Peach is undeniably delicious and it is made for the summertime occasions like barbecue or a rooftop Sunday brunch. It comes in the traditional glass-cut bottle and the signature box of the Crown Royal.

Every drop of the Crown Royal Peach whiskey features a light touch of warm cinnamon spice, vanilla, and oak on the nose. This makes it a perfect drink when you spend time with your friends and family.

The alcohol content in Crown Royal Peach Whiskey is 35%. It is a perfect drink to enjoy on the rocks or mixed with iced tea. When compared to other fruit-flavored whiskeys, crown royal peach is very costly.  A 750 ml bottle of Crown Royal Peach Whiskey is priced at $24.99.

The Peach flavored Crown Royal Whiskey is a perfect example of the pairing of peaches and whiskey. This perfect pair offers a delicious taste that no other whiskey can offer. When you open the bottle, you won’t smell any usual characteristics of whiskey. Instead, you will get a strong aroma of fresh, juicy Georgia peaches.

In Crown Royal Peach Whiskey, the sweet flavor of the Georgian peaches is blended to the classic smoothness of the brand. The whiskey has a perfect balance of the sweet taste of the peaches and the smoothness of the Crown Royal whiskey.

The perfect blend of peaches, with a mix of vanilla and a bit of cinnamon spice, makes the Crown Royal Peach Whisky stand apart from other fruit-flavored whiskeys.