Tips for Making your Content More SEO Friendly

When launching an ecommerce site, you must consider doing search engine optimization for the content you post on it. That is because it normally takes much time to rank higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), owing to the fierce competition. Without proper search engine optimization, you cannot reach the highest positions on SERP. Creating SEO-friendly web content has more to do with data schema. For an uninitiated, schema refers to a kind of microdata, which facilitates search engines like Google to parse website information and interpret that info more effectively. This helps provide search results that are relevant to user queries.

Utilize Schema for Every Product Listing on Your Website

Making your entire listings schema friendly will help show your products with reviews and ratings. Thus, search engines can not just track it accordingly, but also grant it the deserved ranking under product web pages. Ideally, adding schema markups to these pages will help Google give detailed product description in search results.

Never Post Any Photo without an Alternative Description

You must use ALT tags for all photos on your website because these tags help Google to rank your product listing higher in its Images search service. There should not be any special character in this description, but you should include your primary keyword in it.

Use Frequently Asked Question Page for a Structured Presentation of Data

The FAQ is a recent feature from Google schema markup, which will help better display your product in the search results. It includes questions related to a product. These questions should be SEO friendly and voice searchable. For instance, if people look for something similar to your product and ask Google Assistant to search for it, then your FAQ section might just help your webpage rank higher on SERP.

Captions Are King

You always have to think about including captions in your blog content. These help describe the photos to Google. When writing captions, however, you need to think about the picture in focus. The caption you use has not to be about your main topic, but the photo you are highlighting.

Use Secondary Keywords Wisely

When writing any web content, people often focus on using just the primary keyword. However, to make your product listing or blog more SEO friendly, it is important to use alternative keywords just as much as the main ones. You only need to balance keywords out and ensure that these are not too close to one another.